Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warm your stomach - Ten minute Shabu Shabu

I have recently learnt how to make a one pot quick Shabu Shabu. This week, the weather has been hovering below zero. This is a quick, easy and nutritious dish to have.

At first, I thought Shabu meant claypot, as it sounds similar to the Chinese words. Upon some researching, I found out that Shabu Shabu is the sound of swishing meat in a pot of hot broth in Japanese. Chinese False Friend!

So, here's my version of the recipe:

10 oz :: 1 pack of thinly sliced beef
1 onion :: thickly sliced
8 oz :: 1 pack of enoki mushroom
16 oz :: 1 pack of ribboned Japanese Yam Noodles
8 oz :: 1 pack of Shitaki mushroom
8 oz semi firm tofu :: cut into large cubes
2 cup :: Swiss chard* :: cut into 3 inches length
2 tbps :: bonito fish flakes
2 tbps :: Mirin cooking wine
2 tbps :: soy sauce

* Traditionally, nappa cabbage is used.

1- Stir fried the onion with little bit of oil in an iron pot. Once the Onion is browned, arranged all the ingredients in the pot. Pour 1 cup of hot water, add the soy sauce and the cooking wine and the fish flakes in the water.

Here, I have put in one pound of shrimps. They were very fresh in Chinatown that day.

2 - Boil the pot for 5 minutes with the lid on. Arrange the meat on the top, when the meat is pink - about 1 to 2 minutes - serve the pot at the table. The meat will continue to cook to perfection at the table. So, there you have it!

3 - You can make dipping sauce however you like to eat beef. I made a concoction of soy sauce, sesame oil, hot oil and some cilantro. Mustard and horseradish would be nice too.

Thanks to Michelle who gave me the recipe and the blog link to the original inspiration.

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