Saturday, March 28, 2009

Read My Palm - The Future Is Handmade

I need some new aprons for my work shop to run with my slab roller. Once again, I take out my sewing machine and my silkscreen squeegee.

The fabric is 7 gm cotton canvas. I also used 4 yards of half inch cotton twill tape in sage green for the binding. The neck band is some natural colored cotton twill tape I salvage from a shopping bag handle.

Below is the apron spread eagle. The motif here is "The Future is Handmade", hand screened by me.

Below is the twill tape details. I have re-enforced the ends in multiple reversed zigzag stitches.

Another version in "Coo Coo, Take me Home" a.k.a Mid Town Manhattan Flâneur. I have salvaged the neck band from a Royal Air Force key chain.

Below is the pattern. It is a very easy project. I hope you enjoyed my versions.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sew Sew Eco Tote!

A new laundry bag sewing project. I also hand screen the design on the bag. Everybody needs a laundry bag! I have also use this bag to take shipping boxes to the post office and transport my silkscreen on the subway.

The bag measures 23 wide x 19" deep. The strap is about 20" long in 7 gm cotton canvas. Tri-color cotton twill tape binding.

There is a build-in elastic tie to roll up the bag when it's not in use.