Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sew Obviously It's My Camera Case

I bought a new point-and-shoot camera and I needed a DIY fabric case since I am an indie-crafter wannabe. This is my second sewing project after the laundry bag with Coo Coo the pigeon. (Please do not point a rotating finger to your temple, Coo Coo gets offended easily)

I have chosen a brown 'crazy daisy' print with turq felt as the lining. Not only is the high collar turn cuff a fashion statement, but it also act as a surplus SD drive holder if needs be.

Bag inside out

The new camera that I bought in a camera store in San Francisco. I am glad I did as I could test all the cameras and see the shots on a computer right there and then. The camera I thought I like and the price was cheaper on Amazon turned out to be just a cheap camera.

The camera tie is also a bolo tie and loop handle for carrying.

Camera case designed and made by May Luk (Sew Obvious Production) All rights reserved 2008-9


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