Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Post! Woot!

Hey! Wassup?

This is my first post EVER!!!

And now, I will introduce my cats.

This is Domo, a.k.a. Dodo Bird. He's the one in the dress.

And this is Shadow, or Princess. She's the black blob in the idiotic chicken hat.

And they are very happy to meet you. And so am I.

As for me, I can:

Knit, crochet, handsew, use a sewing machine, felt, and alot of other stuff.

And I'm oftentimes random.

Like cheesy potatoe pie.

Now Shadow and Domon say "Bye"[Okay, they say, "Mrow." Close enough, right? (^.^")] and so do I. "Bye!"