Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting to know my sewing machine

I finally have a chance to sit down and get to know my sewing machine. I have chosen to make a bag with some plain cotton canvas and cotton twill tapes. With one hand on the manual and one foot on the pedal, I figured out how to make different stitches like; straight stitch, zig zag stitch and wow! LOOk! overlock stitch! I then learned how to wind bobbin, change the sewing feet, all very exciting stuff with this new-to-me machine.

There are many settings on this Pfaff 6122, it seems a bit over-killed at first. Now that I have learned it, I am happy to have them. I am looking forward to making my first subversive quilt.

I always forget little things that I need before I go out. I made a tiny bag to collect *those* things to hang on the front door. While doing this project, I am reminded how I used to design and make my own school bag when I was a teenager.

Then I went a bit sewing crazy and made 2 more eco totes and some individual sandwich and soda totes.


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  2. Sew sew eco tote,
    all the way to Mexico!

  3. Cotton canvas with cotton twill tape....couldn't be friendlier to our earth. Practical shapes...handsome color contrasts

  4. Totes are absolute requirements in our house. we have them on hand all the time, we avoid shopping bags where ever we can, paper or plastic. Making your own, esp. from recycled material is even more brilliant.